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Alternatives to Opioids

This training will prepare participants with a deep understanding of the opioid epidemic and the role that acupuncture can play in the treatment of pain, trauma and dependency. Trainees will learn to provide an acupuncture-based, therapeutic option to medication for the treatment of pain, and/or to provide “therapeutic support” for those who are actively taking long- or short-term opioids, where risks, including possible addiction, outweigh the benefits, and desire to taper off of them under medical supervision.

Our course curriculum will focus on:
-An overview of the Opioid Epidemic – Understanding the epidemic and the disease process
-Challenges in Treating the Opioid Epidemic
-Trauma as a Result of the Epidemic
-Mechanisms of Pain
-Pharmacological Management of Pain
-Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain Management
-Acupuncture’s Role in the Opioid Epidemic
-AWB pain protocol (NADA plus body points and spirit/emotional points) for suggested use in clinics
-Community Clinic Practicum
-Alternatives to Opioid Treatment Models - Clinic models
-Networking with other acupuncturists, medical professionals, hospitals and other treatment facilities
-Fundraising and Community Outreach

Participants in this training will have the opportunity to join AWB’s Community Clinic – Alternatives to Opioids Program with benefits such as individual mentorship with Diana Fried and Stephanie Lyon, your clinic listing on our website, discounts with AWB sponsors, access to our 501(c)(3) status for possible grant partnerships and much more.