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Constitutional Facial Acu: New Protocols

The protocols in this seminar are based upon those found in Ms. Wakefields book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, which has recently been published by Elsevier (UK). Course materials will include a definition of facial acupuncture, benefits and contraindications, and information on the 3 levels of constitutional treatment, Jing, Ying and Wei. The facial protocols utilize the origin and insertion of the facial muscles to more effectively lift and tone the face; participants will also learn the location and TCM indications for the 3 Shen scalp points, which will be paired with specific essential oils, and can be used to address psychospiritual issues that may arise during a treatment. A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment, featuring natural creams, essential oils, hydrosols, and the use of jade rollers, will be introduced to support and enhance the results of the needling protocols. Ms. Wakefield will conclude her presentation with a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants.