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Vibrational Acupuncture: Tuning Forks/Needles

This seminar will present the new material and treatment protocols for integrating tuning forks with acupuncture needles. These protocols address both face and body using acu-muscle points, the Eight Extraordinary meridians and the application of essential oils on master/couple points, Kidney Spirit points, auricular physiognomy, and more.

Singing Dragon UK will publish Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo's groundbreaking new book on this topic in 2020. This is the first book to be written on this subject, and it will feature fully developed facial and constitutional acu-sound protocols, a rich compendium of material on the philosophy and historical usage of healing sound in the context of Oriental medicine, an introduction to music theory, a wealth of new material on psychospiritual aspects of the Eight Extraordinary meridians, practical insights and applications that include full color treatment photos and detailed diagrams.
Course materials will include the following:

A definition of Vibrational Acupuncture
How to integrate tuning forks with needles
Benefits/contraindications of acupuncture needling and sound resonance
Musical intervals and their archetypal qualities
Acu-sound treatment guidelines
Eight Extraordinary meridians and application of essential oils on acu-sound master/couple points
Qualities/usage of Acutonics tuning forks for face and body
Specialized acu-sound techniques
5 Element Kidney spirit points
Auricular physiognomy: balancing the corpus callosum with sound
How to tailor-make acu-sound treatment protocols for your patients

A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment, featuring organic creams, essential oils, hydrosols, and the use of jade rollers, gem discs and tuning forks, will be introduced to support and enhance the results of the needling protocols. Ms. Wakefield and MichelAngelo will provide demonstrations for the participants, who will give and receive treatments.