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Secondary Trauma: Key things to know for the

Every practitioner needs to know about secondary trauma, and how might it affect oneâs life and oneâs practice. This is a subject that is often NOT taught in our educational programs, and yet it is so critical for our long-term success in our work and for our long-term personal happiness. Please join us for a teaching and personal exploration of this critically important topic.

In this workshop we will explore the following:

-What is Secondary Trauma?
-Risk factors and signs of Secondary Trauma
-Managing oneâs own story in the treatment room
-Trauma-Informed acupuncture and working with crises
-Burnout, Self-awareness and Building Resiliency
-Five Elements and Secondary Trauma
-What is compassion fatigue and what to do about it?
-Loss of motivation and too much care-giving
-The silver lining of working with crisis and trauma â how to harness the gold
-In a safe and nourishing way, the workshop will explore our own need for healing on this topic