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Treating Significant Syndromes w Motor Points

In my experience, facial motor points, i.e., neuromuscular junctions, work faster than other treatment strategies in addressing these imbalances, whether the treatment be for beauty, and/or a wry mouth due to Bells palsy.

This new seminar will permit you, the practitioner, to enhance your skill, knowledge and flexibility in treating these significant syndromes on a constitutional level.

Some highlights of the seminar:

A definition of motor points vs. trigger points, and their functions
1. Symptomatology of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
2. The Muscles of the Face: introducing 17 facial motor points for facial renewal and the treatment of significant syndromes such as Bells palsy, TMJ, etc.
3. New!! An introduction to specific constitutional points for each syndrome and the associated indications
4. New!! Motor point diagrams for the face
5. New!! Comprehensive handouts for each specific facial syndrome, plus the treatment protocols
Bells palsy
Scalp acupuncture (an overview)
6. New: Other motor points for head, neck, throat, chest and shoulders
7. Treatment modalities:
Tuning forks
Pachi-pachi and a special Ren Mai/Du Mai discommunication treatment

And more!!

The Instructor will demonstrate all the protocols, and the practitioners will treat their colleagues. Organic essential oils, natural creams, hydrosols and jade rollers will be included in the treatments.