Event Details

Planetary Vibrational Medicine (3 days)

This seminar will explore the literal and metaphoric language of the planets and asteroids, signs and houses, the meaning of the horoscope and its interpretation from a medical perspective, and introduce participants to the basics of natal chart interpretation.

Prospective students should either have completed Acutonicsî Level 3 training or possess a high degree of astrological proficiency.

The aims of the Instructor are as follows:

to provide an introduction to the symbolic language of astrology expressed through the landscape of the human body, its physiology and pathology;
to explore the manifestation of this symbolism in the individual horoscope, particularly as it relates to questions of constitutional balance or imbalance;
to impart a level of basic proficiency in chart analysis as a creative synthesis of the information embodied in its components;
to permit the individual practitioner to extrapolate and administer a course of treatment derived from a consideration of natal stress patterns and the impact of current planetary transits.

Course Highlights:

introduction to the basics of astrological chart interpretation (day 1)
overview of theories regarding astrology and its impact upon the human body;
history of astrological medicine
innovative synergies between Western astrological and Chinese medicine
the structural constituents of the horoscope, the planets, signs and houses, with an emphasis on medical applications
introduction to advanced astrological techniques, such as planetary midpoints, and their relevance to Acutonicsî treatment protocols
Demonstration treatment by the Instructor, and practicum sessions for the participants
interpretation of individual students' natal charts as time permits*

*Participants are requested to research their individual birth records, obtaining data that is as precise as possible for use in analysis and treatment during the course of the seminar. Individuals who are interested in providing their birth data to the instructor for possible in-class demonstration and discussion should contact MichelAngelo at planetaryvibrationalmedicine@gmail.com.