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Advanced Const. Facial Acupuncture Cert

Learn why, according to her certified practitioners, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, AAAOM Educator of the Year, and facial acupuncture columnist for Acupuncture Today, represents the "gold standard" for facial acupuncture education and certification.

The techniques you are introduced to in this weekend seminar will permit you to take your practice to the next level, allowing you to specifically target difficult sagging tendencies and facial syndromes, but without inserting a lot of needles into the face.

In this very advanced course, you will learn:

The art of customizing each facial treatment for your patients� particular needs, based upon the principles of Oriental medicine:

- Advanced needling techniques, including:
- Scar needling;
- Painless Japanese intradermal needling;
- Threading;

Needle depth and insertion;

Special lifting and toning facial motor points that address muscle structure as well as acupuncture points (especially good for difficult lines, wrinkles and sagging tendencies);

Customized body points;
- The Eight Extraordinary meridians; to support the genetic level;
- Five Element pathology and body points, plus tendinomuscular points
- The Three Treasures; energetics of the face, with advanced face reading (physiognomy);

A brief overview of the anatomy and physiology of the skin;

Full Chinese topical herbal protocol to address specific facial syndromes, such as rosacea, eczema, and acne, hyperpigmentation and dark circles